About THT Masters:

The THT Masters program is an adult (18 & over) fitness program designed for adults who enjoy swimming. Swimmers should be able to swim laps in a pool. You don’t have to be fast, you just have to enjoy swimming! Here's a link to watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbZJNvhjC-g&sns=em


National Organization:

You must be a member of United States Masters Swimming to participate in Torpedoes Masters.  The cost is roughly $60 to register with the national and local governing bodies.  To register, visit http://www.usms.org and click the Join/Renew link.


Swim Calendars:

The THT Masters swim calendar is available on the Group Calendars page of the site. Once there, choose MASTERS from the calendar list. We have swim times available typically 6 days per week.


About the Program:

The THT Masters cater to swimmers from beginner to advanced. All we ask is that you know how to swim. If you don’t, we can arrange for semi- private lessons, but to swim with the masters, we ask that you at least be able to have a basic ability to swim. You don’t have to be good.


Fees are $50 per month, after a $60 yearly fee through US Masters Swimming. You’ll find that we are VERY competitive compared to other Masters swim programs and we are cheaper than any swim alternative in Terre Haute.

The THT membership fee is $120 yearly.



For each swim session, we’ll have workouts available, or you can swim on your own. It’s your choice. We have all levels of swimmers participating so don’t be intimidated. Our workouts will be customized for your ability so you will not be asked to do something you can’t complete.


Are you interested in Triathlons?

Whether you are a first time triathlete or a seasoned veteran, the Masters program can help you. We have successfully trained 7 Ironman Triathlon finishers in the Ironman Louisville triathlon and multiple athletes have completed shorter distance races. We’ll help you make the transition from pool swimming to the open water to prepare you for your competition. Our coaches have experience competing in triathlons. Ask us for more information. Watch this  http://youtu.be/en1cGWN0L3w


Inclimate Weather:

The general THT rule of thumb for weather is that if school is closed due to weather, we will be closed too. There are some exceptions to this rule. If you have a cell phone with text messaging, verify when registering and we'll text you if the pool is going to be closed. Please check the swim schedule for details on specific swim times.


Contact Information:

Jerrilynnn Bayless

(812) 870-1503

[email protected]


Katherine McLean

(812) 249-7327